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Build First And Book Later | Why It's Important To Have A Schedule?

March 25, 2019 2 min read

We all know how important it is to have a strict schedule. It doesn’t matter in what niche you are in, but the schedule is everything. If you want to grow and succeed, you need to have a plan for it!

Today I want to talk with you about one very common mistake personal trainers make. They all start booking their clients without a proper schedule or plan.  In most cases they throw clients in where ever their client can and then waste precious hours a day, thinking that this is the best approach as they don't want to loss their client.  You can’t go backward. You need to build first and book later. You need to make an ideal schedule to really maximize your time, freedom and energy.

Having the right schedule means knowing how to manage your time properly. This is a short list of actions you should take when you are creating a schedule:

#1 Save some time for planning; Focus time.

Focus time is the uninterrupted time where you can achieve a lot without distraction. This could be in the morning, late night or weekends. This is the time when you are going to work on your next project, write content, create programs, record videos or possibly answer emails 'although I don't consider email high leverage' and do all of that ‘mental work’.  It's important to do all the high leverage items before you pack your day full of clients or know when in your day you will execute things that help your business, your personal development and results.  Make sure to pick the time of the day when you are most focused.

#2 Prioritization;

You need to put all of the things you need to do on a piece of paper and classify them from the most to least important. You can experiment with it.  Some scientist says that it’s better to start the day with an easy task to help you ramp up to the more important items. Others suggest stepping straight into your most critical work when you’re freshest. Try different techniques for structuring your day around the items on your plan and see which ones are moving the needle forward.  I'd suggest getting your creative, high leverage items done first thing.   

#3 Create a routine;

Creating a routine is very important if you want to run a successful business. This means building more effective habits and breaking the bad ones. Routines allow us to be productive and to have more structure in our business and lives. 

Before you book your new client make sure to know how many hoursyou want to work on a weekly basis, on what days, how many clientsyou are willing to take and how you are going to group them.  Create the 'ideal' weekly structure that gives you personal time with family, time to invest into your personal development and time to train!  Can't forget that. 


Mathew Park - Mindset Coach

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