Your Three Daily Goals

March 26, 2019 2 min read

We are being conditioned to over consume, so what is the balance?  There is no perfect formula, but simplicity always wins.  Simplicity breeds results.

The greatest minds, inventor's and entrepreneurs executed this with precision.  When Tim Ferris writes a book, look at his calendar, you'll find minimal activities.  The innovation of Apple from Steve Jobs focused on providing the best products in the world, yet represent simplicity, sleek and a sexy appeal, that's easy to use.  Tom Brady is one of the best quarter backs to ever play football, he practices the basic's everyday, till the basics become flawless.  

What does this all have to do with setting three daily goals?  Some day's three may even be too much, the key is to remain focused on creating quality around your outcomes and not bounce around like a bumblebee.  If your a busy entrepreneur wondering how is this possible, your three daily outcomes are the HIGHEST result producing outcomes of your day.  If you have a list of other items that need to be done and can be done relatively quickly, block these on a separate time in the day and get them all done in one shot, you'll save time and energy.

Think of getting paid $350 or $1000 per hour, what would you be doing with your time?  Are you doing things others could be doing for $10 or $15 per hour?  The time you waste on $15 activities is time you take away from doing $350 to $1000 activities that can truly move your business forward fast.  

Personal trainers don't realize how much they could actually leverage with a virtual assistant doing things like lead generation, booking appointments, helping with workflow of emails.  

Here is one powerful tool for personal trainers and online coaches, only have ONE communication portal for clients, don't allow clients to communicate with you over all different portals for example: texting, facebook messaging, instagram DM messaging, email or WhatsApp, pick one and stick to it, you'll save hours a week.  

Here's how you structuring your three daily goals? 

1.  Brain dump at the end of each day

2.  Circle or star your highest leverage activities (one, two or three outcomes)

3.  Schedule them in calendar for next day, try to get this in morning if possible

4.  Additional activities, plan in one chunk of time and hammer through them. 

5.  LETS GO!


Mathew Park - Mindset Coach

Ig: Mindset_Matt

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