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Four Steps To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

März 26, 2019 2 min read

Different tasks consume most of our lives, whether you're an over booked personal trainer trying to find a gasp of air from doing 45 sessions a week and can't fit any new clients in, you're an online coach that can't keep up with new requests flooding your inbox or you just find that you can't keep up with daily life and its demands. Let this help you, to take back control, release tension and allow you to breathe so that you can regain you inner power.  

#1 Brain dump.

Our minds are like sponges, we consume more and more in a given day and don't give our minds a chance to unload.  How would you feel if you didn't shower for 3 days?  Nasty right, well our minds are similar, if you don't clean them out daily, they become a mess.  Take time in evening to write everything out on paper, tasks to do, projects to work on, even things you shouldn't be doing.  Unload your mind, clean it out, then organize and prioritize to get clear on what you MUST focus on.  

#2 Increase awareness.

Step away from things for at least 5 minutes, get into a place of productive consciousness.  Perform a release/let go five minutes meditation, go for a five minute power walk with no phone. No distractions are allowed when you're aiming to increase awareness. This is private time for yourself to get re-connected.  I'd suggest making this a habit throughout your work day to eliminate reactive behaviour. 

#3 Shift Emotions.

Ask intentional questions to get you into an elevated state. What is the MOST important thing for me to focus on right now?  How do I want to feel right now? How must I proceed to be as productive as possible?

#4 Indentify any unfinished projects that are weighing you down.

What projects have you started that need your attention or you can postpone? The big problem with being overwhelmed is starting too many things at once and not completing things, take inventory of them right now.  What can you focus on and finish now, what can you leave for next month, or maybe put aside completely?  What do you need to let go of?  Put your energy into the few that give you the highest return.   

As an entrepreneur, I've gone through being overwhelmed in many capacities, with company's I've built over the years, but there is one thing that holds true in any case, feeling overwhelmed is just an emotion, it's not permanent.  If you're in a place where you feel completely stressed, you can change this.  You'll need to take steps, just as you did in putting yourself into this overwhelming position.  Take action, start with the brain dump, increase your awareness, shift your emotions and do an inventory of all your unfinished items so you're crystal clear. This all should take you about 30 minutes. If you're saying you don't have time, make time. You can't afford any more time under your current circumstances. 

Mathew Park - Mindset Coach

Ig: Mindset_Matt

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