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My favorite three BOOTY exercises to Grow it into that PEACH you want!

März 25, 2019 2 min read

Of course, training method and nutrition play a big role in the muscle hypertrophy. However, according to your goals and how you want to shape your body, you must choose the right exercises to target the muscle that you want to grow.
First of, you need to keep in mind that in order to maximise your glute gains, you need to incorporate a variety of compound and isolation exercises. This is why I came up with two compound movement and one isolation movement. 
1- Hip bridge
The main actions of the glutes is the hip extension, external rotation and hip abduction. Hip bridge is one of my favorite glute isolation exercise to work all three parts of the glute muscle, since it use all of their main functions.
For a good execution of the movement, place your feet at shoulder width with your toes slightly turned outward. Keep your chin down and your back straight throughout the exercise. For a better gluteus medius contraction, you can add a resistance band above your knees. In that way, you will feel it better in the side of your glutes. 
2- Romanian Deadlift
Since I started doing it, I noticed a clear difference in the separation between my hamstrings and my glutes. Furthermore, the romanian deadlift is a compound movement, which allows a greater production of growth hormones.
To perform this movement correctly, you need to place your feet at shoulder width apart and lower the bar against your legs by stopping below your knees. Keep a slight bent in your knees and keep your back straight and your stroke aligned to your spine throughout the exercise.
3- Squat
Most of the time, people are quadriceps dominant, which means they will feel it more in their quads rather than in their glutes. Yet, depending on our position, we can feel it better in our glutes. Different machines are at our disposal to make different variations of squats. Furthermore, this exercise allows us to increase the load and thus, have better and faster results.
To perform this exercise correctly, I would advise you to squat to the width that suits you the most, but always keep your toes and your knees outward. In addition, you can add an elastic just above the knees to work your gluteus medius even more.
Give it try a let me know how you like it !
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